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C.V.G.M. - "Classical Video Game Medley"



Jarita Ng


vla, vc

C.V.G.M. - "Classical Video Game Medley"
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Written during the pandemic as a piece that could be played virtually to a click track, C.V.G.M. ("Classical Video Game Medley") continues the legacy of the original duet for double bass and cello, C.D.R.S. ("Classical Dubstep Remix Song"). The original work was titled using words the layperson might type in a search bar when seeking out a good piece of music. C.V.G.M. includes common elements from a JRPG—A battle theme, overworld music, star-crossed lover motifs, and more. It was originally premiered on YouTube by the composer and Jarita Ng in 2020.

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