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"My Adventure Partner"



DSO, Sing-Me-a-Story


fl, cl, vn, vc, tpt + Jazz Trio

"My Adventure Partner"
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In 2023, Sing Me a Story Foundation approached the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for a collaboration. The foundation exists to serve families with children in need, by facilitating imaginative story-making and bringing those words to life through inspiring musical experiences. In this case, they had a story written by seven-year-old Julian and his brother Harrison, whom they met through the Penrickton Center for Blind Children. When they asked Jeremy to write a piece inspired by their story, he reached out to jazz trumpeter and composer Kris Johnson to create a jazz fusion work as vibrant and colorful as the story the brothers had written. The result is a vivacious work of imaginative storytelling that accompanied the narration of the story, and premiered at DSO’s orchestra hall as a surprise for the brothers, who had no idea their story was being transformed into music. “My Adventure Partner” also works as a standalone piece, leaving the storytelling to the imagination of the listener.

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