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Crosmer-Popper Duets

The now famous or infamous second cello part to the Highschool Etudes, Op. 73 by David Popper. Listen to Julie Albers and Jeremy Crosmer perform, or purchase the sheet music to Crosmer's 2nd part in the store!

Purchase the Sheet Music

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GRS Music for Health

Crosmer is the sole composer and arranger for the Grand Rapids Symphony's Music for Health Initiative, which connects symphonic music with Music Therapists in hospitals. He has written a collection of 70 arrangements from the symphonic and operatic literature for two instruments.

Connect with Jeremy for more details

Read more on the GRS Webpage



Jeremy Crosmer and Gene Hahn started the Eclectic String Music Ensemble in 2016. They perform mash-ups of Pop and Classical music in bars, schools, and concert halls across Michigan. They also have a "band camp" for aspiring young string musicians every August.

Listen on ESME's Webpage


Motown String Quartets

Crosmer is working on covers of the top Motown hits, arranged for String Quartet! Decades ago, Detroit Symphony musicians were playing the string and horn tracks on the original Motown recordings. Now, Crosmer is reimagining that connection by bringing Motown back full circle into the Classical world.

Contact Jeremy for demo recordings

Stay tuned for more details!


Red Shoe Company

Teagan Faran created Red Shoe Company to degenerify music by crafting new concert environments. Jeremy is the Educational Coordinator, and develops lesson plans for teaching Creative Composition and Improvisation in schools.

Check out RSC's Webpage

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