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Classical Arrangements



From music written by Black Classical Composers to Christmas tunes and symphonic works for small ensemble, Jeremy has a variety of Classical arrangements available here. Check them out below!

GRS Music for Health

Jeremy is the sole composer and arranger for the GRS’s Music for Health Initiative, which pairs symphonic musicians with music therapists to bring classical music to hospitals. From 2017-2023 the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital ran a continuous music channel using four hours of meditative music composed by Crosmer and performed by musicians of the GRS.

Music for Health duets were designed to be performed in hospital lobbies, cancer centers, and in assisting licensed Music Therapists in neuro-rehab centers. They are short and recognizable, and have a lot of character.


These booklets include interchangeable duet versions for the following instruments:

Part 1: Violin / Viola / Flute / Oboe / Clarinet

Part 2 : Cello / Viola / Bass / Bassoon / Clarinet (Bb or Bass)


Christmas Quartets

In 2006 Jeremy created a unique set of Renaissance-Rock style arrangements of the best Christmas Carols, for either String Quartet or Cello Quartet. These versions bring new life to familiar favorites, incorporating elements such as stretto, fugue, flashy extended techniques, and frequent modulation.

Warning: Not for the feint of heart!

Sheet Music

All public domain arrangements are available below for purchase as digital downloads. Enjoy!

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