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Duration: 30'00"

Includes PDF of Score and Parts.

Recording: Listen on YouTube.


Ignatius Sancho is thought to be the first person of African origin to vote in Britain. He was born on a slave ship sailing to the Caribbean, and became an orphan soon after. While he was a slave, his intellect impressed the Duke of Montagu, who lent him access his library. He ran away at age 18 to the Montagu house, where he developed his skills in music, poetry, reading and writing, eventually becoming a prominent abolitionist. By 1774 he was able to open his own grocery shop in London, and owning property allowed him to vote. The 12 Country Dances were written in 1779, shortly before his death, and dedicated to Miss North. The dances were performed in line-dance formation, and the original score includes instructions. While only the themes were published, Crosmer created original variations in a similar style, which will be included here.


Use the coupon "BlackComposers" at checkout if you'd like to download this product for free! A portion of the sale price goes toward creating a larger library of music by Classical Black Composers, but I also want this music to be as accessible and available as possible. Thank you for your support!


Ignatius Sancho - 12 Country Dances

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