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School Visits

Visiting schools is one of Jeremy's favorite musical passions. When the younger generation is encouraged to learn, be inspired, and engage in musical activities, they take ownership of their artistic journey and share their knowledge and passions with others.

Below are some samples of the residencies, workshops, and masterclass events that Jeremy presents in middle schools and high schools around the country. To inquire further or schedule a workshop, use the link here.

School Workshops

Educating and inspiring youth of all ages to follow their dreams.

High School Performances

One way Jeremy highlights his passion for teaching is by rehearsing and performing side-by-side with school orchestras. Students are inspired by Jeremy's musical knowledge, effortless virtuosity, and keen ear. Jeremy has performed with school orchestras across Michigan, and gladly makes the time for school visits.


Teaching Highlights

Classes in music theory, precalculus, and cello at universities across Michigan, including GVSU, Oakland, EMU and UM.

Composition workshops, cello classes, and music clinics at high schools across Michigan, including Troy, EGR, GR Christian, Jenison, Skyline, and more.

Private cello instruction, including preparing orchestral excerpts, concertos for competitions, and technique-intensive study.

Summer camps for middle and high school students in Grand Rapids and Little Rock, including workshops in Audio/Video editing, theory and composition, and improvisation.

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For more information, bookings, cello lessons, commissions, custom arrangements, and more, please click the link below!

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