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Duration: 4'00"

Includes PDF of Score and Parts.

Recording: Check back soon!


José Silvestre White y Lafitte was a Afro-Cuban-French violinist and composer. He was a virtuoso violinist praised by Louis Gottschalk, Gioachino Rossini, and many others, and wrote music mainly for his own instrument. He played on the famous “Swansong” Stradivarius. White studied at the Paris Conservatory, winning the acclaimed First Grand Prize for his violin skills. He toured the United States, and served as director of the Imperial Conservatory in Rio de Janeiro, eventually returning to Paris where he lived until 1918.


Use the coupon "BlackComposers" at checkout if you'd like to download this product for free! A portion of the sale price goes toward creating a larger library of music by Classical Black Composers, but I also want this music to be as accessible and available as possible. Thank you for your support!


Jose White Lafitte - La Bella Cubana

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