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"Spirit Modes"




Solo Piccolo – String Orchestra, optional winds and harp

"Spirit Modes"
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"Spirit Modes" was written for my dear friend Jeff Zook. He is a mindful person who incorporates meditation into his daily life and is a champion of kindness to everyone around him. Being on the receiving end of his generosity, I wanted to write a piece that would resonate with his spirit. The modes used in this piece are extended hybrids of the modern modes. Just as the Ancient Greek modes combined two tetrachords together to form 7-note scales, the "spirit modes" combine two modern modes to form 11-note scales. The effect is similar to bitonality, but easier on the ear because there is only one tonic note. While "Spirit Modes" is meditative and contemplative, there are also outbursts of strong emotion. The piccolo balances a virtuosic soaring above the string parts with simple, childlike melodies.

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