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Suite No. 1 for Cello Quartet


Instrumentation: Four Cellos

Duration: 23:00

Listen on YouTube.

PDF of Score and Parts included.

Performance Rights through BMI.


Program Notes:

Inspired by the unaccompanied suites by J.S. Bach, these Cello Quartets are a collection of short dances reflecting different styles, cultures and periods. Many modern cello ensembles are known for their arrangements of popular songs, which always work much better when played by a handful of cellos. Along the lines of this tradition, the Crosmer Suites are presented in an accessible harmonic idiom, and often hint at pop references without directly quoting them. The suites are too intricate to sight-read on the street, but at the same time they present that groovy, down-to-earth feel. Each movement is a light-hearted character piece, ranging from cute to flashy, and players should make every attempt to perform with alacrity and gusto.


The first suite contains many themes which cross-pollinate throughout the movements. For instance, the main theme of the Meditation, which has infamously been given the lyrics "Take Me Home to the Land Where I First Belonged" by cellist Andrew Hayhurst, is foreshadowed in the Prelude. The Interlude harks back to the days of Medieval Motets, and is also preempted in the first movement. The Finale is a fast Spanish dance.

Cello Quartet No. 1

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