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A fast-paced medley of tunes influenced by the Old-Time Fiddle, Bluegrass and Texas styles. Works great as an encore.


Instrumentation: 2 Violins and Cello

Alternate instrumentations: Violin, Viola, Cello (Viola part replacing Violin 2 included)

String Quartet (Optional extra Viola part included)


Duration: 6:30

Listen on YouTube

PDF of Score and Parts included.

Performance Rights through BMI.


Program Notes:


Growing up in Arkansas, one is inevitably influenced by the Old-time Fiddle style as well as Bluegrass and Texas styles. Each has its own flavor related to the purpose and venue of the performances. Filled with stunts and elaborate bowings, Bluegrass fiddling makes its name from virtuosic speed. The Old-time style was meant more for the social gathering known as a “pickin,” and replaces pyrotechnics with motor-rhythms and simple shuffle-bowing patterns which blend well with the guitars, mandolins and banjos which are typically brought to the group.


While this medley of tunes composed in the fiddle-style has the dramatic elements of Bluegrass, it is much more deeply rooted in the music of the commoners, and develops the idea of Old-time in many ways. Because of this, performers are encouraged to play with a very raw and ragged mentality, using upwards slides and blunt articulations to achieve the sounds which most closely resemble the pickins of Arkansas. In this sense the piece steers clear of the modern concept of fiddling and hearkens back to the pre-1950 era.

Fiddle Trio

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